Reflection About Supper

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Have you ever sat in church wondering what the deacons were passing out to the audience? These little pieces of bread and tiny cups of wine. All the adults would take part in it, and if you didn’t understand what they were doing, you obviously weren’t old enough to take part in this meal. The sermonette that the pastor would preach this week was significantly shorter than every other week. The big white cloth that covered the silver containers with unleavened bread in them. The elder, deacons, and deaconess that walked down the aisle all dressed up. The many songs that are sang. The washing of feet and then prayers with the woman and men. This to me was Communion! An extra-long day at church that I had no understanding of. The Lord’s Supper to me as a young girl was nothing more than a representation of the body of Christ. We came to church to fellowship as usual and then at the end of the service we ate the Lords supper. It confused me as to why they called it a supper. When I hear the word supper, I think of dinner time at home. Mom fixes a meal that always makes me full and is very tasty. However this Lords supper that the church was making big deal about is nothing more than a little tiny piece of cracker and a small cup of juice for everyone. This in no way looked like a fulfilling supper. Everyone seemed to look content but were they really full. For the majority of my younger life I questioned what the real purpose of this Lords supper actually
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