Personal Narrative: A Day At Church

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Have you ever sat in church wondering what the deacons were passing out to the audience? These little pieces of bread and tiny cups of wine. All the adults would take part in it, and if you didn’t understand what they were doing, you obviously weren’t old enough to take part in this meal. The sermonette that the pastor would preach this week was significantly shorter than every other week. The big white cloth that covered the silver containers with unleavened bread in them. The elder, deacons, and deaconess that walked down the aisle all dressed up. The many songs that are sang. The washing of feet and then prayers with the woman and men. This to me was Communion! An extra-long day at church that I had no understanding of.…show more content…
The Lords body was given so that we can remember that he gave up himself so that we might live. Making sense of things now I realize that it wasn’t actually his physical body. The wine is another representation that I now understand much better. It is a representation Jesus’ blood and is meant to cleanse us. It is meant to give us strength from day to day reminding us that He will never lose His power. The blood is able to cleanse anyone from anything that we have done. Also I have learned that the bread and the wine together represent how we as a church should operate. As believers of Christ, we are the family of God, and together united we are strong because God is within us. It is our duty to bring others with us into the kingdom. It is our duty to help those understand God and teach them the truth about God. The Lords supper has a significant meaning, and I now have a better understanding of what it represents and what my part is with it. I feel much more empowered now than I did when I was a young clueless girl who thought of the Lords supper was nothing more than a waste of time. With the knowledge I now have I am eager to share what I know with those who were just like me so that they too can understand the true meaning of the Lords supper and can experience what God has intended us to receive from
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