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1. Introduction As part of the Professional Masters of Education Programme I had the opportunity to obtain teaching practice placement in all girls catholic denominational school located in the middle class area of Dublin city. The school aims to provideall-round educationto form integrated and self-reliant people who will be moved to work for a better world` based on catholic ethos. I had the privilege to teach in such a school which is well resourced with excellent administrative organization. It is obvious that teaching is a challenging task in which success depends on a number of factors and underlying constraints. It is particularly challenging for me as I thrive to meet many features of effective classroom learning and teaching practice…show more content…
The essay elaborates experiences of my teaching journey based on three lesson plans taken from the early, the middle and the later stages of my teaching journey. The accounts of my teaching experiences provided in this essay are based on critical reflectionofmy own class room performances; and knowledge gained from subject methodology lectures, tutorials, and literature…show more content…
This was because of the significant challenges that I have to tackle in terms of time management, out sourcing a variety of teaching resources, and the level of creativity required in designing relevant activities and more flexible teaching methods. At the time, I felt the pressure and the challenges ahead, but also imagined the window of opportunity for improvements and creativity. Freire (1993) compared the narrative style of teaching and the practice of problem-posing education. Freire (1993)arguedthat the narrative style of teaching with the teacher as depositor of knowledge and the students as depositories leads the students to receive, memorise, and repeat mechanically narrated accounts. Freire (1993) described this as a banking concept of education, in which the scope of action allowed to the students extends only as far as receiving, filling, and storing the

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