Reflection About The Death Of Jesus

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Through this section, I heave learned a lot about the life and death of Jesus, and why everything happened for a reason. I learned the purpose of the betrayals, the symbolism of his death and resurrection, the faith of Mary, and what He truly stands for. Jesus knew that he would be betrayed by both Peter and by Judas. The case of Peter is different. Some see it as a commandment given to him rather than a prophesy. This perspective makes senses to me. I was always confused as to why Peter would deny Jesus, but if it was a commandment, and he needed to in order to further the teachings of the gospel, then I think it might have been okay. Also, it might have been something to show Peter how much he was convicted in the gospel, perhaps it was designed to be a wake-up call for him. With the case of Judas, I think that the betrayal was supposed to happen in order for the atonement to take place. Who else was there that could have wanted to betray Jesus? I cannot think of another dispel that would be willing to sell Jesus. Judas was needed to sell Jesus, which led to His captivation by the Romans, His trial, and later His death. The betrayal had to happen to end with the result of Jesus’s death. He did later regret his decision, tried to give the money back, and later killed himself. In a way, I think it was also a lesson for Judas, so he could learn where his heart lied and what he values most versus what he should value most. Jesus ha d a lot of symbolism in His death and

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