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5.2 Critical Reflection Essay
The students from the Form 2 Avicennia were such a pleasure to work with and the cooperation given was wonderful. The lesson which was conducted by using the teaching kit for the element of character went quite splendidly and I was comfortable with how the flow of the lesson went. When I prompted the questions to recall some background knowledge on the previous lesson on the short story “Cheat!”, the students I have randomly picked were able to give their response quite fast and some of them were almost instantaneously. When the students were told that they were going to learn more about the characters by playing the mime game, most of them showed a positive spirit to learn and enthusiastically waiting for the game to start. During when a
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Even when it was not the group’s turn, some of them trying to figure out the answers shows that the game was a success. After the game had come to an end, I distributed to the whole class a simple worksheet and almost all of them can figure out the answers to the questions correctly. Furthermore, based on the answers given by the students of 2 Avicennia on the worksheets given, I can confidently state that they have comprehended and mastered the details of the short story “Cheat!” and ready to move on to a new short story.

Despite of all the smoothness and pros stated about the how the lesson went, there were a few weaknesses that I have spotted during the implementation of the learning kit and the lesson plan. One of the most

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