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I started this day by being determined to wake up early. Since this was my first day of practice teaching at Bulihan National High School and their flag ceremony has been scheduled every Monday at 5:30 in the morning, I really need to start disciplining myself regarding time management. I arrived there at 5: 25 in the morning, a good start! As I attended, I started to miss those Mondays that I was attending flag ceremonies at CvSU-SC. However, since this semester is different from the others, I started to think how I should behave and handle everything that I will encounter for the next 3 months. Today was also my first time to find and meet the critic teacher assigned to me by the acting head of Mathematics Department. It was a good thing for me that she knows me, because I was a former graduate of the school. I became excited meeting her again, showing that I am about to be a teacher now after 4 years. Aside from being a Math teacher, she was a guidance counselor too. I thought she needed me the most, to help her in facilitating her classes while she was doing works in the guidance office. Well, I’ll try my best for that.…show more content…
It was so great that they understood the different mathematical processes involved in the problem though these were not discussed to them. Truly, in K + 12, they would be the ones who would discover the processes. In that case, the teacher had his or her less effort in discussing or elaborating the lesson. However, the weak point, as I saw it, was that students who failed to involve themselves in the activity also failed to understand the lesson of course. The subject mathematics is complicated. Every lesson is related to the first ones. Meaning, the basics should be mastered in order to understand the deeper topics of it. If the case is this: students who don’t have that much interests in Mathematics chose not to study it, how will they understand the next following more complex

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