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The portfolio that I was assigned to put together showcased many of my projects, assignments, and seatworks throughout the school year so far. Looking back at the various essays and other pieces of writing, I can say with confidence that my overall writing skills have improved in both the analytical and grammatical aspect. Even if many of my works were not considered the best or did not receive the highest academic mark, the process of writing and learning the mistakes that have I committed before only made me a more exceptional writer. The writing pieces: “The Tragedy of Tantalus”, “Gender Inequality in Antigone”, the 1984 Literary Analysis long test, “The Seventh Man”, and the essay about if we are living in a Post-American World all highlight and exemplify my journey in becoming a better writer through the many revisions, errors, and use of more improved language. Ever since I was younger and still maybe to this very day, I consider myself more of a serious and factual writer. I always knew that I lacked the ability to write in a creative manner due to my interests and style of writing. When I was grouped with Nicolas and Waki for a poem project, I was initially nervous and struck with the fear that I won’t be able to come up with a few stanzas that are in any way shape or form: creative. However, this assignment to make a poem about Tantalus brought out the creative side of me that was hidden for so long. Thanks to my group mates, we were able to come up

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