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Through the thematic exploration of displacement in Unit One, I had a more profound understanding of displacement. By relating the prevalent issue of displacement with elements of nature, I learned that displacement is part of human nature, and can cause external and internal conflict. Displacement has fire connotations : unpredictable, abrupt, powerful. Futhermore, displacement also has water connotations : uncontrolled, disastrous, suffocating. Through carrying out pratical explorations and using explorative strategies, I realized that the internal conflict displaced people go through are caused by external conflict. The internal conflict they go through can be represented by a dream sequence : surreal, wild, nightmarish, lost. However, a displaced person or society can be placed eventually. Through the thematic explorations of fire, I realized the fire connotations in displacement and the relationship between them. Displacement is unpredictable, sudden - just like fire. Communities and individuals can be displaced in the most unforeseeable moment, just like the refugees in “Strong Girls and Powerful Women” video. I made a personal connection to this while me, Momo and Marieke cross cut between an abstract movement piece and a realistic ensemble. We roleplayed as scholars, each taking turn thought tracking why education is important, before being kidnapped for going to school, relating to the real life event of Nigerian girls missing after going to school. When Marieke,

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