Reflection Assignment: Hitler's Germany And The Holocaust

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Gillian O’Brien E Block
World History 2
Hitler’s Germany & the Holocaust Reflection Assignment
Due to the hidden horrors that Adolf Hitler conducted, many people were unaware of who they were putting in office. Hitler 's rise in Germany was driven by his role in the manipulation of huge audiences. Hitler joined the Nazi party, which policies supported by people in the middle and lower middle classes formed the German brand of fascism known as Nazism. Shortly he had many successes as an organized and public speaker gaining the title of the Fieher. Mein Kampf was a book Hitler title meaning “my struggle” written on his beliefs and goals for Germany. Eventually, the book became the master plan for the Nazi party. As he gained more power it pushed his ambitions for more, he no longer wanted just economic and political power now sought ultimate control of every aspect of German life. Propaganda was installed
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I believe the prevention of a future genocide is crucial, the Holocaust has not only affected to emotionally but also on a personal level. Although I and none of my family are Jewish, My grandfather was a part of a US military troop that liberated Dachau a concentration camp located in Upper Bavaria, Southern Germany. He was able to capture the horrors that he saw once he reached Dachau on April 29, 1945. The Pictures he took were a big eye opener to me making me realize for the first time the Holocaust was not just a story or a part of Anne Franks diary. It was a very real devastating event that affected many people. I think it is very important to keep teaching it through school curriculum making sure the horrors are always known. Another big thing is not discriminating against people for any reason, especially Religion and Race. Genocides are very preventable as long as societies are willing to work to pick suitable leaders with checks and balances. As a citizen, my ultimate goal is to do anything in my power to prevent another large-scale
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