Reflection: College Is Worth The Time And Money

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I believe my speech, “College is Worth the Time & Money,” was very appropriate the audience and occasion. I was assigned the task of presenting my audience with a speech over any topic as long as it was a topic that could be argued for or against. With my audience being college students, I believed that my topic would be very appropriate and could even strengthen their confidence by persuading them that they made the right choice by furthering their education by coming to college. After finding the topic that I decided to present as my persuasive speech, I immersed myself in as much information as I could find about it. Once I reviewed the information, I meticulously placed the data into a logical order that would present the major functions…show more content…
Although I feel that my speech had a strong structure, I do feel that my slides and I could have done more to make the presentation better. I think that I did not present enough information with slides or press the importance of the ones I did use enough. I also feel that I sped through my presentation too fast and should have tried harder to slow down so that my audience could follow along easier. I also had trouble with remembering what it is I needed to say once I stepped in front of the class, even after many practices rounds with my roommate and study group. This caused me to frequently look at my note cards, taking away from my eye contact and physical gestures. With higher comfortability with the class I feel that my need for note cards would have been drastically reduced. If I were to be given the chance to present my speech to the same audience next week I would speak slower, use a few more slides and I would have reached a comfortability level with them that would eliminate the nervousness I felt presenting my persuasive speech to them last time. Altogether I feel that my speech was very well put together and was decently
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