Reflection: Cover Letter And Mock Interview Experiences

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After taking career connection I have learned more than I expected, during this class I have learned how to make a cover letter and resume which has landed me many interview opportunities, learning how to talk to employer through mock interview, learning how to preform elevator speeches and selling oneself to employers in a quick manner, and signing up for the Vandiver Center for Career Development Resources which allows me to see jobs made specifically for Queens students. The two key items that I find the most helpful from the career connections class was the cover letter and resume and the mock interview. I found these two to be the most useful things I learned because a cover letter and a resume are vital; they are what get what get your foot through the door and it is the first impression before the employer actually meets you. I found the mock interview helpful because it prepared me to think quickly and have…show more content…
Everything I learned in this class has helped me in some way from learning how to do an interview, making a resume, talking about myself in a short manner. To start my search off I used the Vandiver center for career development resources, indeed, and Charlotte agenda to locate internships. I received call backs for the Special Olympics of North Carolina Development/ Programming Internship, a marketing analytics intern, and lastly an internship for the admissions- even though I did not accept any of these internships they all said that my resume was well formatted and impressive. Learning to send follow up emails were also helpful because it allowed me to find out more information without pressing too much. Also I learned that when you are not prepared for pone interviews then you should not answer the phone and call back when you feel prepared and
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