Reflection Essay: Balance Between Work And Personal Life

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Name: Student ID: University: Course Name: Course Title: University: Table of Contents: Introduction: 3 Main Body: 4 STOP PANICKING: 5 TAKING INVENTORY OF BODY: 5 HEALTHY ENVIROMENT: 5 RE-DESIGN THE WAY YOU THINK: 6 REFINE OR CREATE THE SYSTEM: 6 SETTING OBJECTIVES AND GOALS: 6 Conclusion: 7 References: 8 Balance between Work & Life Introduction: Nowadays competition in our society is one of the most main factor, we are finding different possible ways to make our lives balanced between work and personal life, people are so busy in their work and trying to find more work through which they can earn more, nobody is looking forward to their personal life and their mental satisfaction, humans are social animals people spend so much time…show more content…
An average person spends approximately (8 to 9) a day in his office, after working all day long he is left with just a little period of time in which he has to manage his grooming, diet and many other personal needs. Maintaining balance between work and life is becoming difficult day by day due to the pressure which our society is putting on individuals, if we try to balance work and life through an athlete’s perspective it is very tough for a person who is into fitness or bodybuilding because balancing their professional work with their social or personal life is very tough, the work load varies through profession to profession, every single person has to manage his own routine to balance his personal life with work because every person has his own different surroundings and social environment, we are spending more time in our offices and working hard to learn different business tactics to stay updated wherever they are working, everyone is trying to reach on the top to

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