Personal Narrative: My First Community Service

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As i look back at all the accomplishments that I have made to help myself and the community, I learned that all my hard dedicated work has paid off and will follow me in the future. I always told myself that I would somehow be involved in the arts as soon as I knew what my talent was. Once I found out that I could sing I involved myself into programs that helped me learn more things and to get to a advanced level and once I continued in those programs I ended up being a great voice performance major. Once you involve yourself in something you love you should help others also that want to have the chance also. Bringing a service to the arts means that you are a dedicated person to what you want to pursue and what you want other people to…show more content…
Having to be invited as a high school chorus to perform in such a historic place where a president has come to visit is a major honor to me. Dr. Pace has told us how wonderful this man was as a president and it being a honor for her to have her own high school choir invited to perform in such a historic place. She would always tell our chorus class the story when she and the past high school choir went to the carter center and had the most big surprise of her life. She stated “It was towards the end of the concert when I was about to start “Carol of the Bells”, as they sang the choir began to smile and look a little surprised but I couldn't see what was going on behind me”. After we finished the song I turned around and my heart dropped and I screamed out loud as the former president Jimmy carter smiled at me and shook my hand”. To this day she still has the personal written letter that president carter sent to her about how grateful he was for her and our choir. That letter will always be valuable to us and keeping a tradition to perform there for christmas every…show more content…
Fuchs to join the clayton state university choir and the Dekalb school of the arts performing the gloria and for each group to perform a mini concert of what we’ve been working on. I was able to be in the group when we got invited and it was a great experience performing that night. My favorite part about this performance is when we all came together as big group to perform the gloria and it made a very big and beautiful sound as we sang our first note. When we ended the look on the audiences faces were amazed and it made us feel good as a whole. Meeting these different singers was a different and cool experience and I will always remember the new people I met that share the love of music.
Thinking back on the services I participated in I realized that all each include the love of the arts and how much it is appreciated from all around the world and how much people will do to provide such musical events. Doing community service like this is a great opportunity for a individual to express themselves in the field of the arts that make them feel great. It also allows people to actually realize how much the arts means to the world and how giving back to the community is a great way for people to give and enjoy the talents of

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