Leadership And Self-Analysis

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Discussing my strengths, I can say I relate well to others and this allowing me to adapt well to many personalities. As a leader it helps others feel they can talk to me with ease and they feel they can trust me. There are diverse groups working on projects that affect different areas of my organization. Relating well to others is a way I advertise myself. Successfully work with different personalities elevates my chances of leading future projects. I am a good listener which helps me understand when to ask questions and what questions are important to ask. I make sure I understand what the speaker intends to say when they ask for my advice. As a leader, this will support my ability to guide them in a direction that will help them make and…show more content…
When problem solving you need to consider many factors of the problem. When people are a factor, you need to include them in your thoughts; your personal thoughts (self-orientation) as well as their relation to the problem. If they are a part of the problem, it does not mean they are the problem. It means they do not have what they need to identify, communicate, or resolve the problem themselves. The thought process that allows you to understand people, will support you when it is time for you to delegate. In my experience, delegating can be an effective problem-solving technique. When delegating, if you select people that have the skills needed to perform well, you allow them to do well. For many, doing well is gratifying and promotes motivation. Seeing good in others, believing in them, and supporting them is important when asking for commitment because you show people your vision of success by providing them with the opportunity to be successful as well. Supporting them, keeping them engaged and showing them their involvement is valuable builds healthy and trusting relationships. This aids their ability to connect with you and express concerns with your when problems rise. How specifically do these skills positively influence workplace productivity? Using the example from my Module 3 short response, a department I worked in suffered from underperforming associates lacking supportive…show more content…
A high EQ involves self-orientation, compassion for others, and the ability to stimulate involvement. Under leader decision making Theory Y, leaders feel their followers mean to do well but sometimes do not have the skills to do a task well. Instead of insisting they are incapable, Theory Y leaders offer them tools, choices, and support to motivate and inspire commitment. To me, this stands for integrative leadership and I feel good relating to this style of
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