Reflection Essay: How People Needs To Change To The Community

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When I was in fourth grade, I played on a basketball team in Boston. One chilly winter day, my team and I decided that we wanted to make a change to the community by helping the less fortunate. Our plan was to put together bags of sandwiches and blankets to give out to people in need. As we finished making delicious ham, turkey, and salami sandwiches, our coach called us together and told us to start packing up so we could head out. While we loaded the bags onto the bus I was both excited and nervous. I wondered, how people will react and how will this make us feel as a team? While we were on the bus, we organized into groups. Each group split up and took bags of food and blankets to hand out to people who needed them the most. When we finally arrived at our…show more content…
Now it has been many years since that event and I continue to feel like I did the right thing by helping out those people. I really hope that that food and the blankets made a positive impact in their life. I hoped it helped them to know that people will help you out when you are in trouble. Even though our project only lasted one day I hope it made a difference. My wish for the world is that every person has what they need. I would like to see poverty eradicated. However, life 's not always fair. Some people have everything and others have nothing. The important thing to remember is, whether you are born into a bad family or an amazing one you should always help out people that need it. Even if you can’t do very much, just giving a nice snack could brighten someone 's day. Anyone can make a change by having a good idea and carrying it out. I wouldn 't have thought about myself the same way if I had chosen to miss the chance to help the homeless. When I walk by homeless people today I still feel troubled but I make a small change that day. I explained to my family what I learned and what helping others taught me. My parents said “You did a wonderful thing for people and you should be proud of

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