Reflection Essay: Hunger And Hunger In One Of The World

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If I were to describe my personality in one word it would be the word: hungry. I know it is not a pretty word, but when you look at it in a way that does not denote actual physical hunger I believe one can start to see how I actually am (even though I am in fact hungry for food a lot of the time!). I am always eager and hungry for meaningful and lasting relationships, whether they be professional or recreational. and love meeting people, getting to know them, and discovering what makes all of them unique. I hunger for the opportunity to see how others might view the world differently than me and love how just hearing about their views slowly start to shape my views as well. I feel that this word shapes what I do and how I am, and I hope to always stay hungry.…show more content…
My whole life I have struggled with seeing how what might not be that important to me can mean the world to someone else. I have come off as insensitive and rude before because it is just difficult for me to understand and it is something I have been really trying to work on for several years now. Although I have seen myself improve in this aspect of my personality, I see much more room for bettering myself in regards to what I consider to be my biggest flaw. Despite my flaw of finding it hard to understand why something might be really important to another, I do feel like I truly empathize with people at an emotional level. When someone is sad or troubled, or maybe even angry, I always can put myself in their shoes and understand the emotion they are feeling and what I would like to be treated like if I were in their shoes. I believe this aspect of my personality has really allowed me to connect with people at an emotional level and has helped me develop wonderful friendships, and I truly believe it is one of the strongest aspects of my

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