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After the diagnosis, we soon realized how difficult the journey would be. We had seen it all before the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, rapid weight loss, loss of hair, and many others, but this time it was hitting closer to home. My dad’s cancer diagnosis is what pushed me to become more aware of the disease that the non-profit I volunteered for helped people fight through. The organization I am referring to is the Care to Share Sharing Bucket, formed and ran in my hometown of Fort Scott, Ks. My grandmother was part of the team that originally started the Sharing Bucket, a quarterly meeting to help grieving family members and people fighting the disease called cancer. When this organization first began as just a meeting and quickly…show more content…
I was lucky enough to have the same little for three years and she brought so much light to my life. She was a deciding factor in my decision to pursue education. When working with my little those ah-ha light bulb moments are what made it all so enjoyable. Being able to help her have those moments and figure things out that she thought was too difficult mad me realize I wanted to help students every day find the potential that they didn’t know that they…show more content…
Through my high school I was able to observe in a third grade class for over 150 hours. My next experience comes with my work of Big Brother Big Sister. My most recent and relevant experience is my job I had in USD 253 as a substitute teacher. This job was perfect because I was able to gain experience from kindergarten through 12th grade. Before this job I as sure i wanted to teach kindergarten, and then I subbed and realized I needed those older kids who could tell me what they wanted and could engage in meaningful conversation. Through this subbing job I was also able to get my foot in the door and get a good look at the Emporia school district I hope to teach in one

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