Reflection Essay On Buddhism

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As my Buddhist practice has evolved, the path’s alchemy of quiet awareness has triggered deep structural changes in my character and priorities, culminating in a growing imperative to transition my life towards a career that can be directly, tangibly beneficial to people and society. I have found immense joy and stillness in the Buddhadhamma, and I’ve strived to artistically express these qualities through art and music. While these modes of expression are able to capture and contextualize concepts and experiences that may otherwise be ineffable, I feel I could make a deeper, more meaningful impact by focusing my energies on sharing dhamma with those in greatest need: the sick, the dying, the troubled, the persecuted. My meditation practice is an exercise in patience and exploration, allowing me to honestly confront my inner obstacles: self-doubt, insecurities, persistent regrets, anxiety’s rigid grip. This suffering isn’t extraordinary, nor must it be; suffering is universal, as is its immiseration. Through impartial observation and easeful acceptance, my practice has been transmuting the core of my being, shedding away impulsiveness, indulgence, self-pity and cyclical heartbreaks, slowly replacing this turbulence with warm, open clarity. I’ve seen similar transformations in my peers, and from my teachers witnessed the numinous intuition and contentment nurtured through decades of cultivation. Knowing dhamma as a powerful answer to addiction, depression, and existential
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