Reflective Essay On Ese Education

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In the College of Education, there is a lot of value placed on ESE education. Many of my classes I have taken focus primarily on inclusion and the benefits of diversity. When I first started in the College of Education, this made me kind of scared at first. My thoughts were, “How am I going to make sure I accommodate all of students.” I became very overwhelmed with this thought, thinking that I would fail at providing what my students need. However, through my courses, as well as this course, I have learned so much with accommodation and inclusion. I think having the field experience reinforced what I have learned and being able to see it in action. I have also learned other things such as classroom management, activities, and communication…show more content…
The desk were arranged in a half circle facing the board. I found this arrangement to be kind of weird, as I have not seen anything like this before. I asked the teacher how she came to the decision of the layout. Her primary reason was so students could not block other students from seeing the board. Her other reasons were so that the students can have shoulder partners and not always be with the same students. For example, they could be partners with the person beside them, or behind them. I also noticed a lot of things all over the wall. I thought it to be a bit too much, however, I did like the things that were on the wall. There were examples of shapes, a number line, alphabet, and a color chart. I thought these were extremely useful to the students. I spoke with the teacher about the stuff on the walls and she thought that she had a bit much up as well that it could perhaps be a sensory overload for the students but he wall space was very limited so she tried to utilize what she could. I thought this was an important factor to note, because often times as teachers we want our classroom to look fun and exciting. However, we do not take into consideration that it could be over stimulating for students, especially if there is too much going on in a particular
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