Reflection Essay On Emotions

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Throughout, the course numerous topics have been discussed in how complicated it is to directly observe an emotion and truly understand what the other person is actually feeling. One can express emotions by facial expressions, posture and by their tone of voice. Being able to understand and express our emotions is important. Emotions not only impact us internally but externally as well. When we experience an emotion there are physical changes that occur that are controlled by our nervous system and by hormones. Although stress is not an emotion, stress has a huge impact on emotions. For instance, stress can impact our memory and cause health problems. “Stress is an experience that produces emotion, especially in cases of fear, anger, and grief”…show more content…
Hormones like oxytocin serves many purposes and can strengthen relationships by enhancing your empathy and social bonding. When oxytocin is released in the stress response it motivates us to seek support. It helps us to notice when others are struggling and be able to support each other. Oxytocin helps reduce stress by helping heart cells regenerate and help heal from any stress-induced damage (McGonigal 2013). Oxytocin enhances social contact and social support when we seek support or help someone else. We release more oxytocin that can help us recover from stressful situations faster compared when we do not seek support or help from others. McGonigal, mentions that our stress response has a built-in mechanism for stress resilience and that is human connection. In a study that tracked 1,000 adults in the U.S. ages 34-93 that asked “how much stressed have you experience in that year” and “how much time you spent helping out friends, neighbors or people in your community?” and used public records to identify who died in the next five years. It was concluded that people who spent their time caring for others show no stress-related increase of dying. How we think and act has an impact in the way we view stress. Connecting with others and controlling how we view challenges allows one to have a positive impact in their life and make a difference in their
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