Reflection Essay On King Lear

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I visited the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, to see Mill Production 's interpretation of the play, King Lear written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Geoff O’Keeffe this play features a talented professional cast. This is an insightful production, with gripping and affectionate performances. King Lear is brought to life with the use of dramatic sound effects and wonderful stage lighting. The theatre itself is quite a small intimate venue which I think is perfect for a play like King Lear. This gave the audience a chance to pick up on every detail and, some what engage with the different characters involved in the play. The stage setting was very simplistic but hugely effective. The same setting was used in each scene. While this was undoubtedly extremely contemporary and minimalist, it worked very well. At the back of the stage was three spikes which I discovered represented the kings crown and also his three daughters who each wanted a share in his land. The only other part of the setting was two benches which were also used for other functions, for example; to depict the entrance of the cave that Lear is brought into and also to represent the stocks that Kent was locked in for the night. I thought the characters used the stage very well and captivated each scene irrespective of the fact that very little props were used. The costumes used I thought really distinguished each character and and looked extremely well on stage. The male costumes offered a gritty medieval armor of

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