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ndicate your portfolio theme, and explain the key specific skill, lesson, or accomplishment upon which you are focusing.
My chosen portfolio theme is Language and Diversity. I am focusing on teaching English language learners. Throughout my M.E.d program, my interest has always been bilingual education and promoting cultural awareness. Promoting diversity is important for cultural awareness. There is a multitude of ways to integrate diversity into lesson plans and units. There are organizations dedicated to Global Education and Bilingual Education. Over the time I studied, I became familiar with these organizations, the research they presented and educational strategies they promote.
Describe your current or prospective work environment in order to establish a context for your analysis. One day I want to work in Florida or Texas in a school that has a dual language bilingual program, preferably kindergarten or first grade. America is a diverse place, but in these two areas, there is a high concentration of Spanish-English language learners. I want to teach Spanish-English Language learners because it has always been a passion of mine. In the research, I found that these Dual Langue schools are the best thing for
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I wanted to take the audience on a journey of my experience during my M.E.d studies. It also presents what I aspire for in the future. Global education and language teaching are what I aimed to focus on throughout my presentation and over the course of my studies. My teaching experience has only been with English Language learners. All the training, conferences, and courses I have taken have enhanced my ability to work with the ELL students in different ways. I aimed for my presentation to highlight that. The presentation also gave a synopsis of me as a leader in bilingual education. Things I have accomplished that intertwine with the ideas of diversity and

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