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Introduction Prayer should be a very important part of every Christian’s life. It is impossible for me to live each day without praying for other, as well as, my family, and myself. Keeping a journal as I pray for particular leaders and identifying precise areas of that individual’s life to focus on was very challenging. I realize that it is the presence of God’s spirit that allow me to pray for others, as well as myself. Embarking on this task made me really reflect on the seriousness of speaking to God on the behalf of others (Jee,2016). As I analyze the responsibilities placed upon leaders I have to consider the many lives they touch and change. These experiences those individuals encounter under the directions of those in positions of authority normally determine the paths they feel led to travel on in life.
Summary of Prayer Situations

Prayer is an essential element in our lives and we must be willing to pray regardless of the situation. We must communicate and give God thanks when we are happy, sad, or experiencing some sort of catastrophe (Jee,2016).
The individuals I selected for prayer were: The two building administrators, the bookkeeper, inclusion teacher, the pastor of my church, the leader of a business firm, and myself. I selected the two school administrators because they came into a school which had a really traumatic experience and great challenges to overcome. I felt a need to include the inclusion teacher who is battling cancer and going through a

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