A Personal Reflection On Virtue Ethics

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Introduction During our lives, we all faced many situations, which changed our perspective to a certain thing and made us look at life differently from what we were or maybe it was as a turning point for us.
Describe the situation I was in ninth grade and I remember that I had a close friend named Amira, whom I can describe as my sister. Our relationship was so strong that I thought nothing could differentiate us, but I was totally wrong. The situation started in the computer session where the teacher was explaining about a project that we should submit it in the next lesson, and then she left us free to do whatever we want. I decided to start working on the project instead of wasting time, so I went to one of the existing computers and I noticed that there was a file on the computer screen that did not close. I asked my colleague who was beside me if one she knows anything about this file. When I decided to close the file my colleague decided to see the content of the file because of her curiosity. We were surprised that the file contains pictures and videos of one of the students. I immediately asked her to close the file because it is
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According to virtue ethics, our friendship was based on trust and mutual respect, or that which I thought. After all that happened I made some sacrifices and concessions despite what Fatima did to me. All this was in order not to expose myself and Fatima to accountability or punishment by the teacher, Which Carry herself the responsibility to solve the problem. According to care ethics, No one can understand others unless he puts himself in their place, on the other word by placing yourself in their shoes. Through this theory, I do not blame Fatima because I know very well that her behavior was unconscious, because of her gloomy view of seeing reality or thinking correctly. I really know her
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