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For direct vocabulary word instruction practice, I chose a sixth-grade history article called “A Moment for Peace” by W.M. Akers. The passage is about the Civil War and how a group of ladies raised money to build a monument in honor of those that died in the Battle of Nashville. After thirteen years, the group finally had raised enough money. “The structure was special because it honored all those who died in the war- no matter which side they fought for” (Akers, n.d.). Years later, the statue had been damaged in a tornado and then a highway was built, which blocked the view. Another fundraising campaign began to move the statue to a location it could be seen again, and after seven years, it happened. The passage contained many potential vocabulary terms that may be new or unfamiliar to students at a sixth-grade level. “Knowledge of vocabulary is also related to reading comprehension” (Bursuck & Damer, 2015, p.240). Students would need to know what these words meant in order to fully grasp and understand the passage. For this passage, I chose the words monument, obelisk, veteran, and rededicated. I chose these words because they are “important for comprehending the text” (Bursuck & Damer, 2015, p. 240). Students of all backgrounds, not only English Language Learners, may have trouble defining these words. The text suggests “that words essential to the meaning of the text be taught directly before reading but that no more than two words be presented at a time” (Bursuck &
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