Reflection Essay

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Reflection: Tell what makes a particular character/setting appeal to you. In the story Kate appeals to me. She is a very warm hearted teen that would do anything to help her friends. When Shep was getting blamed for Grant 's death even though it wasn 't him she was there to come up with information to prove that it wasn 't Shep and that the boys were lying to get the blame away from them. She even risked and lost her job just so he wouldn 't go to prison with Grant 's murder on his record. She has been doing newspaper and photography for a long time and the fact that she put that all aside and risked it just for Shep really shows a lot about how she really is and how nice and caring she is. Also she risked hers and her mom 's job by talking and seeing Shep. She really loved working with her mom and she said it was her favorite thing to do. She lost and accepted that she lost her job just to make sure it wasn 't Sheps fault. If her mom would have lost her job they would have probably went poor and they would not be able to afford or buy anything but yet she still did it for someone else. Entry #2 Reflection:Figure out the ways a character changed and what caused the changes. Kate changes in the story a lot. When Shep first told her that he was the one texting her the whole time when she thought it was Grant she was so mad and so upset over it. She cried for days and she even ignored Shep every time she saw him. Then all of a sudden in the book after like 5 days of scolding
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