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Writing can be very challenging. But with the right help, education, and support writing can be fairly easy. Everyone has been taught differently on how to write every type of essay and have had different teachers, who taught them differently. I have seen my growth in writing, but that was achieved by asking for help and getting practice.
Writing character analysis essay was never easy for me, but I was able to get the help I needed to improve my writing for this type of essay. I was able to better understand how to write a character analysis essay. I learned how to better analyze and understand a character in a text. I’m now able to help others to better understand and analyze character. Before I needed help but now I need a little help. I’m getting better at analyzing a character in the text. With learning comes good or better grades, in my case this was true. I get better grades when I have to write a paper on analyzing a character from the text. When I had to write on a paper I got a low 90 on the paper, which is better than what my grade was previously. I’m now able to answer a question on the analysis of a character from a text when asked, not 100% correctly but around the certain area. Character analysis essays were a struggle for me to understand but with the right help of my teachers and peers, I was able to improve.
In addition to character analysis essays, research papers were also a struggle for me to understand and my way of presenting the information

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