Reflection Essay: Summary: Why Eating Emotions

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Summary: If you have unwanted emotions, this new approach will help you to deal with them in a healthy way. I explain why suppressing emotions doesn't work and outline a different approach that will restore your inner harmony. I used to hate my emotions – mostly because I always felt bad about myself and my life. I wanted to be a smart guy, but my irrational feelings got in the way and kept me from doing what I thought I wanted to do. I tried and tried, but my emotions refused to go away, and after a long time of suffering, I realized that I had been completely wrong about emotions because they aren't irrational at all. Emotions are what makes life worth living and they can be a tremendous asset if you use them right. If you stop fighting…show more content…
## Even negative emotions make great friends I've learned to appreciate my fears because I understand now, that they used to serve a function in the past. They were necessary at some point in my life, and even though, they aren't necessary anymore, I can still appreciate what they're trying to do for me. The same goes for any other emotion, like anger, or sadness for example. Anger tends to show up when someone isn't respecting your boundaries, and even though it can go overboard sometimes, it always has your best interest at heart and is trying to protect you. If you can achieve the same result that your anger wants to achieve for you, it won't have to show up anymore. So it's important to understand what your anger is trying to do for you so you can find a healthier way to achieve it. If you just push your anger down, it will keep showing up, until it reaches its goal. In the end, we are emotional creatures and everything we do, we do to feel good in one way or another. Even if we're trying to be as intellectual and emotionless as possible, we're doing it because it feels good on some level. We're driven by emotions, and the faster we accept that and learn do deal with it, the faster we can start to enjoy our lives to the

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