Normal Range Of Emotions Essay

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We are sure that you, too, have experienced similar situations in your life: a certain incident triggered an emotion, and suddenly more and more thoughts came up in your mind, to the exclusion of everything else, to feed this initial emotion. This process is great if the emotion is uplifting and healing, however, we often dwell on thoughts and emotions that cause stress for the body and mind. The only way for you to stop this negative thinking-feeling loop is to become aware of and consciously interrupt your self-defeating thoughts that feed your emotions.
Please be aware that even though other people or some situations may trigger all kinds of negative emotions in you, they are never the cause. It is your own perception of the situation and your negative self-talk that are causing, and then entertaining, the painful emotions from your past, such as shame, guilt, frustration, anger, or resentment. It is what you tell yourself that is the cause for the physical sensations in your body.
You control your thoughts, your self-talk, your emotional responses and thus your actions, not someone else or some outer circumstances. No one else can make you feel a certain way unless you allow him or her to do so. A situation
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If someone has a normal range of emotion, he or she has the ability to adapt to or withstand an event that arouses chaotic emotions such as upset, anxiety, or panic. Normal Range of Emotion is also referred to as Emotional Stability, a state where a person has developed and integrated a balanced way of perceiving the problems of life. It means evenness of moods, intent, interests, optimism, cheerfulness, composure, a feeling of being in good health, freedom from feelings of guilt, worry or loneliness, freedom from excessive daydreaming, and freedom from perseveration of ideas and
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