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According to my knowledge Mouth feel is what I feel when eating some food. It can be hard or soft, rough or smooth. Sometime it may be dry or wet, sticky or chewable as well as gammy or melting. And it may be hot or cold, sweet or bitter and savory or hot & spicy. Under mentioned example will gives you some idea of mouth feel.
• the crispiness of a Cape Cod brand potato chip from a newly-opened bag
• the crunchiness of a just-picked Gala apple or Bosc pear
• the freshness of fresh baked rye bread from the Nashoba Brook bakery
• the resiliency of a piece of Twizzler strawberry licorice
• the chewiness of Trident brand chewing gum
• the firmness of Smucker 's cherry jam
• the spread ability of ripe Brie cheese
• the creaminess
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It is used in many areas related to the testing and evaluating of foodstuffs. It is evaluated from initial perception on the palate, to first bite, through mastication to swallowing and aftertaste. There is another traditional term used by some people to talk about Mouth feel is ‘Texture’. It is a term used in the food industry, to express the feels get by eating the foods in the mouth. The most important factor in Mouth feel is consumer perception of the food. It is the sensory judgment that perception is affected by how the food looks on the plate as well as how food feels in the mouth”. [1]
And also the web Scientific America says, “Mouth feel has a relation with flavor and it is about the way the different foods feel in your mouth called Mouth feel. According to the clarification of prof. Christopher Loss, Mouth feel consist with flavor, texture and chewing experience. And also aroma, color and sound”.
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If we touched the baby’s lips with something bitter, we can see by his distorted and unpleasant face how he feels. As well as sourness tells us when food’s gone bad in perishable foods. How food behaves in the mouth is relate to Mouth feel, such as how juicy, tough, chewy, crispy, crunchy, hard, grainy or runny it is. In the mouth cavity saliva mix with foods and start the digestion. Saliva contains enzymes that can make long-chain carbohydrates referred to as polysaccharides. Then sweetness may be arising. The temperature in mouth will course for melting of some foods like chocolate. So melted particles provide another flavors. [3]
Sensory Techniques for Evaluating Food 's Mouth feels Characteristics
When we talking about food’s texture there are so many form will found. If we think such a range like hardness will comes gradually soft . Those are Solid – Jelly – Liquid – Emulsion. In several stages we can experienced several feeling. Now we see how to evaluate characteristics by mouth feeling. (Eg: place spoon with liquid sample directly in front of mouth and draw it from spoon over tongue by slurping, evaluating the force required to draw liquid over tongue at a steady rate). And also following table shows some characteristics how to evaluate with some

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