Reflection Essay: What It Means To Be A Fearless Experience

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Chapter One
A lot of people today live their lives the same way every day and sometimes because it is done similarly like yesterday it seemed to be a routine and not what it means to be living. Most people do something just because they are supposed to do it or they are asked to do it even if they don’t want it. This situation therefore limits existence leading to an unhappy life and failing to have a lived well life. This is one of the reasons why my advocacy will be focusing on how to make the most out of life. Through this I will be showcasing real life adventures which portray exciting and fearful experiences. These adventures will represent things which every individual aims to do during their life span but commonly fails to. I want to make everyone feel more determined when it comes to achieving their happiness and goals in life and that every moment of their lives should be worth living for. Life should be memorable, unique and exciting so as in this way we could be living what it means to be alive. Actually I have come up with meanings for the acronym of the word “LIFE” and it is “Living is supposed to be a Fearless Experience. If we’re
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Many are not giving much importance to their everyday lives because for them it is already natural that every morning they will just wake up and then do things which they usually do. I also blame myself realizing that I have wasted most of my life for doing nothing which I can say I can remember when I die. Life’s nature is unexpected, it can be taken away from us any moment of time and this is what everyone doesn’t mind to think of. We commonly aim for second chances without considering the time wasted. No one wants regret in the end but we act as if life is unlimited, endless and can exist forever. What the sad reality says about time is that it will never be on our

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