Personal Narrative: Write My Life

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Did you know that, thanks to ME you are able to read my “Write My Life”? Well, yes, computer chips are made up of ME! Let me talk about who I, silicon, in depth am. I am so proud of myself for being the second most abundant element of Earth by mass! I make up 27% Earth’s crust. Yet, first, I will talk about my origins (discovery). I was born in Switzerland in a solid state of matter at room temperature, by the reaction of potassium fluorosilicate with potassium to produce amorphous silicon. My father (the one who discovered me) was Jöns Jakob Berzelius in 1824. However, the man who named me silicon was Thomas Thomson. I have an interesting property, which answers the first question asked; I am electronically conductive, which is why I am very…show more content…
I look like a hard gray solid with a silver metallic luster. I have a density of 2.3296 grams per cubic centimeter. I am located at the Group 14, which makes me have an atomic number of 14 and I am classified as metalloid. I have an atomic mass of 28.0855. Diamond should be considered in some way my twin, since we have the same crystal structure. I like to be extremely important in both, plants and animals. I am important for plants because I am found in the soil, which helps its growth and resistance from diseases. In the same manner, I am vital for animals because I play an important role in connective tissue, as well as…show more content…
I am importance for a body that is strong, with perfect skin and strong bones. Obviously, I am not present as pure silicon in human body, instead I am found in silicic acid or silanate. In the same manner, I am necessary in diet, I increase vitamin D, glucosamine, and calcium. You can find me in hard water, as well as in soft water and in the next fruits and vegetables apples, cereals, raw cabbage, peanuts, carrots, onions, cucumber, pumpkin, fish, unrefined grains, oats, almonds, and oranges. I feel so proud of myself because I AM TRULY BENFICIAL FOR HUMANITY. Some benefits I give are; I prevent bone deformities, I treat alopecia, I good for skin care, I increase healing rate, I prevent aluminum toxicity, I restore mucosa, and I prevent brittle nails. Now I do not feel so bad if I cause some deaths because I am beneficial in some ways. I hope you liked to know more about my life, because I DO ENJOY IT. Last, but not least my nickname is Si, so feel free to call me that
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