Reflection Essays: An Escape From The Labyrinth

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An Escape from the Labyrinth The first two lessons I remember my grandmother teaching me was to read and forgive. As a child, I had a naïve and innocent heart, and forgave without a second thought. As I got older, I developed a burning passion for reading. This transition occurred because I got wiser and shrewd, making me very unforgiving. Although, I would eventually give in and forgive every time, no matter what the injustice was. Until I forgave, and moved on is because it haunted my conscience every hour I didn’t forgive. Conscience is the angel that sits on your shoulder, constantly arguing with the devil on the other. Conscience is the inner knowing of right from wrong. My conscience always ate away at my brain until I forgave. Forgiveness is important in helping our conscience move on. It is important because it will introduce a fresh beginning in the relationship. Forgiveness involves forgetting the incident, if I may say, is impossible. For me, I feel like forgiveness is the only way out of the labyrinth of suffering. In my opinion, forgiveness is one of the most challenging tasks for anyone with a pure conscience. For others, with stained consciences, dirty with wrongs that can never be undone, it is more of a task of necessity. THESIS: In order to clean your conscience; you must have forgiveness. However, although ethically forgiveness is necessary, it is often confused with “weakness”. Forgiveness is a very complex sacrifice. What sunshine is to flowers is

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