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As I compare my feelings from last week to this week. I admit, last week was very overwhelming, frustrating, and there was moment I felt so helpless with my overall life as it was out of control. I am person that I am very structured when it pertains to my work but I noticed that it affects my mood and week when I feel disorganized and overly stressed. Therefore, this week I took the time to reflect on everything I have on going one and things I can work on to begin to again enjoy the process of internship. This week I took the time to talk to my field instructor about the intense cases I have and my feelings, as well, counter transference. I am glad I was able to share my feelings about the various cases I work with as she was able to reflect…show more content…
I think that the overall pressure of working part-time has really emotionally affected me, but I concluded that at the moment there is not much at can do then just keep pushing myself to finish this semester. I also concluded that if I continue to put this pressure within myself, I can affect my mental well-being and can hinder my learning process. It can also impact my work with client’s I work with. I feel that I often that I am currently wearing the student hat, therefore, I do not have to be perfect as I am learning to be a social worker. I even put a note for myself at home to remind me that I am a student at the…show more content…
I took the time to rest and practice self-care this week. In which it helped as this weekend for the first time I began to feel excited about the upcoming event for graduation and more at ease. I too felt more rest and ready for the upcoming weeks as we soon will have midterms. This week, I also felt more present and eager to help my clients more. I know I cannot help everyone but seeing how they respond to my support and assistance, motivated me to push myself harder to help the clients I work

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