Reflection For Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 is a book that has to do with the future and what the advancement of technology has to bring for society. The main character is a man named Guy Montag. Guy is a firefighter. But the job description of firefighter is not what you think. We know firefighters as people that put out fires, but Guy’s job is to actually start fires. In this society, no one reads books, enjoys nature, or even converses with other people. This is because of all of the new technology, like televisions as big as walls and radios attached to your ears. These technological devices cause people to have little to almost no interaction with the world in general and even other people around them. Technology also is keeping people from knowing what is really happening in the world around them. In Fahrenheit 451, the people can be tricked into believing incorrect things. An example is when Guy Montag is said to be dead when actually he is on the run from the police. Overall, I think this book has really affected me and put things into perspective.…show more content…
Also, how the society in the book is similar to the one we live in. After reading this book, a lot of things have came into perspective. Like how important books are, how terrible it would be to live in a society where the government withheld the truth from you and how technology can impact our lives in a very negative way. Books are the key to most of our knowledge as humans. They teach us many life lessons and help us learn about the world changing and happening around us, but our technology takes us away from that. Not only that, they can tell us lies and little bits of the truth to persuade us to do something they want (like voting for a certain politician). Although media and technology are helpful tools for making life easier, they also take us away from the little things in
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