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Individual Reflection: As the Art Director, I am accountable for studying the concept and visual ideas for the product. At first, I found it very difficult to come up with something ‘unique’ yet not too crazy or inapplicable due to the large amount innovative products introduced before. Then, to seek inspiration, I decided to start out by observing people around me, especially the students in my university who were yawning during lecture or sleeping on the couches outside the classrooms. That was when I began to think of a product that helps boost people’s energy as I believe university life should not be full of exhaustion but fun and experience. Then, after discussing with my teammates, the idea of the energy drink eFresh was born with the addition of natural ingredients to minimize the negative impacts on consumer health. Hence, our chosen visual style can be described as refreshing, energizing and youthful. One of the biggest challenges I encountered when working with my team was rejection. The fact that my teammates turned down a great deal of my ideas sometimes brought me feelings of discouragement. In addition, the schedule conflicts of our team members added fuel to the fire as we could only discuss online, which hindered our team’s designer from fully comprehending my ideas. In fact, many of her drafts were contrary to my expectation. To prevent our work from going off-track, we arranged some offline meetings by sacrificing our weekends to discuss about the
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