Reflection For Night By Elie Wiesel

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More than 40 years ago elie wiesel,Holocaust survivor courageously wrote his memories of surviving the holocaust,survival was mentally emotionally and physically challenging.

(“Then i was aware of nothing but the strokes of the whip. one ...two…,he counted,...twenty four...twenty five!”wiesel 42)
Kade: Hello everyone, I’d like you to welcome Eliezer, he is a survivor of the Holocaust, him and his family were taken when he was just 15,he has recently published the book NIGHT if you would like to know in detail what it was like being in the Holocaust.
Elie: Hello thank you for having me, did you have any questions for me?
Kade: How was it adjusting back to a regular life after being freed
Elie: It was tough, the hate for jews didn 't just die out so i was still in danger,not only that but i had to learn to live without my family and live with how i felt when my father was ill and needed me.
Kade:How did you feel when your father was ill?
Elie: I felt...burdened and relieved when he was no longer in his bed and I didn 't see him again, and all I could think about was I finally got all my rations and I didn 't have to protect him anymore, it 's hard to believe I felt that way knowing he was likely dead.
Kade: I’m sorry you had to go through that it must have been horrible,what have you been doing since you have left?
Elie: I have been working to ensure everyone is seen as equals and working very closely with the jewish community to make sure nothing like that ever happens
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