Reflection On Postpartum Assessment

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Description Today I was placed in the St. George’s Health Center to do my clinical for the first time. Since I have never been there before, I did not know how the health center is operated on a Wednesdays therefore, I just observed what the nurse did such as; giving the children vaccines, performing a new born and postpartum assessment. In addition I got the opportunity to document, pull up and mix medications. In this journal, I will reflect on postpartum assessment and compare and contrast it from how it is done in the health center to what I have learn in sim lab.
When the nurse informed me she’s about to do a postpartum assessment I was eager to witness it because I have never got the opportunity to witness it in reality, I only got the chance to practice it in sim lab. Overall I think the nurse did a fair job on performing the postpartum assessment, the reason being compare to what I have learn in sim lab she did not cover half of these things. I have also noticed while the nurse was doing the postpartum assessment the client was tense therefore, I comforted her throughout the procedure. This could have been avoided if the nurse explained to the client at first what the procedure entails
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I cannot say at the clinic postpartum assessment is not conducted properly because I have only witnessed it done once by a nurse and we all know everyone do things differently based on what they have learn. If I had to do a postpartum assessment I will follow the checklist I was taught at sim lab because it is well structured and it covers everything that is important. Today I have incorporated Jean Watson and Hildegard Peplau nursing theories. If this situation occurs again, I will ask the nurse if I can conduct the postpartum assessment so I can get hands on experience and the nurse may also learn a few things from how I will conduct the

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