Reflection On Academic Writing

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The method of research, citing facts, and brainstorming ideas was very intense in this class. Reading various arguments debating the topic I want to write on, was very challenging and time consuming. In this reflection essay I want to show how researching process was vital on changing my writing style. Also, what I’ve learned in English 105 class after a great summer semester with lots of material to learn from. Researching was drastically important, making every paper I made heavily based on research. Research is in fact the scientific method of writing and the way to make a certain topic clear with the support of citation.

I started this class with the goal to further develop abilities in the essentials of university-level academic writing.
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Major assignments -Work Projects- taught me how to write essays and include employed academic documentation (MLA). In this course, I’ve completed various reading assignments, did independent analytical thinking about what I’ve read, participate in discussions on what I’ve read, write about what I’ve read, and carry out research, this emphasis on reading was to show the importance of critical reading, and how it is going to benefit my studies. Understanding this academic essay structure, the use of rhetorical strategies in essay writing, writing a summary, formulating a thesis, and writing essays using rhetorical strategies. All these skills were the fruit of researching and…show more content…
The art of argument persuasion I’ve learned in this course is so beneficial for my marketing major. Other than that, it made me develop the essay writing skills necessary for success in my studies at the university level. This English course also taught me how powerful written words can be, and how the delivery of the tone is important for the reader. The tone of a narrative is different than the tone of a research, where the difference makes the paper. Also, the power in written words tells how much it is crucial to mankind. Written works tells us about our past, present, and future. Literature painted the image of the past of our ancestors, how they lived and what they’ve done. Literature teaches us about ourselves, and the universe surrounding us in the present. Literature predicts the upcoming events and gives us wings to fly into the unknown future. These are the powers written words can give the writer and provide the
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