Reflection In My Classroom

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1. Introduction.

The lesson in the video is an English class, and students of the lesson are Grade 9 students, they are English native speakers. There are less than 30 students and a teacher in the class, the size is small, and it is an English writing class. The lesson lasts for about 50 minutes. The reason why I choose this video for analyzing and reflecting is that the teacher and students seams haven’t rehearsed beforehand, in other words, students and teacher perform more naturally. Moreover, grade 9 children are full of energy, knowing how to handle the characters of them can help us work better in our practicum. Therefore, this article aim at analyzing the technique that the teacher used in his class to do an effective lesson, and finally, getting some idea to apply in my teaching.


According to Richards, J.C. and T. S. C. Farrell.(2011),
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Therefore, we can use life experience to achieve our objective. When we teach, we can directly show student the object. For instance, when we teach “door”, we can walk to the door, and point it to students. Corresponding what they see everyday to the teaching content may help students.

Partially use TBA can be helpful in our mock class. Due to Grade 4 students’ English level still low, teacher centered is more appropriate. However, students work in group can reinforce what they have learned. For example, we can divide students to several groups, and select one student from each group. Group members make a sentence to the vocabulary, and the selected students in charge of writing sentences in the blackboard. The speed and the grammar decide the final grade, and the group that gets the highest grade can have a present.

After finish every section, oral sharing is necessary to progress monitoring. For example, after teaching vocabulary, teacher can show some pictures to student and let them think of the correct
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