Reflection In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust is arguably one of the most disastrous genocides in history. Hitler and his men killed millions of Jews during his reign and it seemed like nothing can stop them. No one dared to speak of the Holocaust and its events that happened. However, there seems to be a secret weapon that can destroy the silence. Voices that speak up about the events are able to paint a picture for the people who had not witnessed the Holocaust for themselves. They are the voices who are able to convey ideas and themes in a way people can understand. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir: Night, readers are able to experience his journey as if we are in his “shoes.” His point of view, tone, and voice elements all contribute to discover Elie’s faith in God and his encounter…show more content…
Panic, pain, and suffering are all present at the same time. Elie’s use of diction and punctuation gives readers a chance to dive deep down and give a clear picture of how Elie feels about the events that are going on. Looking back on Elie’s first night in the camps. He used repetition and abrupt punctuation to communicate the shock that Elie felt for the first time. As the story progressed, Elie begins to catch himself beginning to have no pity towards others and having a pessimistic attitude. For example, following the hanging of Elie’s dentist, who was going to remove his golden crown. Elie did not have a slightest bit of pity in him. He stated that he “was nothing but a body. Perhaps even less: a famished stomach. The stomach alone was measuring time” (52). Readers can see the hopelessness in Elie from his emphasis on his existence as just a body. What was equally important was when Elie’s father passed away. Following his death, Elie was completely desensitized to anymore pain, he said that it “no longer mattered. Since [his] father’s death, nothing mattered to [him] anymore”(113). There is a significant change of diction from the beginning of the novel compared to near the end. What was panic and fear was changed into carelessness and
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