Reflection In Nursing

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It is vitally important for nurses to complete professional development as nursing is one of the professions where professionalism is of utmost importance. The Nursing Council of New Zealand sets a series of professional behaviours to ensure that all nurses are competent to deliver safe and effective care (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2012a). This essay will describeseveral principles, and standards of the Code of Conduct and illustrate how these principles and standards are embodied in nursing practice. It begins with asummary of an interaction between the nurse and the patient, followed by explanation of the structure, purpose and significance of the Code of Conduct. Then, four principles of the Code of Conduct, which are used to evaluate the interaction, will also be described. In the last part, the essay will discussa reflection on the key aspects of professional nursing and evaluation of the interaction.

1. A summary of the interaction.

The interaction happened in a rest home, one afternoon in December.One registered nurse, one student nurseand a newly admitted patient were in a quiet, private room at the time of the interaction. The interaction was mainly about the nurse administering medication. The student nurse observed this whole process. Before entering the patient’s room, the nurse had washed her hands. After knocking at the door and being admitted, the nurse entered the room and shut the door gently. Then the nurse introduced herself to the client
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