Reflection In Social Work

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This week I met with a social worker at Cherry Health which is located a few blocks from Heart of the City. When I met with the social worker we did a role playing exercise. She played a client that was experiencing depression and sadness. In addition, she role played as a client that she typically work with at the agency and I role played as the therapist. I enjoyed the role play because I was able to receive feedback about my progress. The feedback I received after the role playing exercise was to allow silence. I learned this in group supervision last week but I think it is hard for me to incorporate silence into practice. For instance, I am not entirely comfortable with the silence or awkwardness. However, I think with more practice I will be comfortable and able to allow the silence that occurs in therapy. The other feedback I received from the social worker is that I did a good job of applying motivational interviewing techniques such as reflecting and asking open ended questions. As I continue to role play I am becoming more comfortable with the process. I did not experience any difficulties this week. Moreover, I did not have supervision this week because my supervisor was on vacation. However, I did learn plenty of information from the social worker I met with this week. Firstly, I learned about different techniques to use on resistant clients. We discussed the decision quad which is a list of pros and cons that the person identifies in relation to his or her

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