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The purpose of this memo is to inform you about my reflection of the entire course of Technical Writing, my perception of the knowledge I learned in the weekly assignments, and my intention on applying what I have learned to my career as a nurse. Course reflection: Looking back from day one, I did not know what to expect from technical writing because at first I didn’t know exactly what the course was about. I expected that I will do some form of writing similar to my past experiences in writing for English courses. Instead, over that past four weeks, I learned how to write professionally by using the proper grammar in a proper format that is aimed to readers in a formal setting. I slowly became more proficient, and I gradually changed my…show more content…
By utilizing the basic principles of design, I can create a professional job application in a systematic arrangement, so that my readers can easily read my qualifications for the job. As for the goals of my career, this course has provided me with plenty of ideas on how to create formal documents suitable for the environment of my workplace; it also gave me the understanding that technical writing is about writing for an audience, and not for a writer. I believe that I will be able to apply what I have learned from technical writing to other courses in the RN to BSN program by abiding through the rules of APA style of writing, and utilizing the basic principles of design. For example, if I were to create a research paper on health promotion and patient education, I will be able to create a document that is coherent due to usage of proper grammar and punctuation, and any supporting statements are accredited by other professionals with the correct use of citation. Lastly, my work will be easy to follow and simple to comprehend due to my application of the basic principles of…show more content…
Before, technical writing, I was taught how to write in MLA format, and in my opinion both APA and MLA only have minor differences, but have similar standards of writing. My question that I intend to find an answer after this course is, why is there a difference in both formats? I ask this because in my opinion, the two styles of writing can synthesize a style, which can result to a universal standard of writing. Regardless to the answer to that, I feel that I have learned tremendously in this course, and I know that I will be able to use what I have learned to better present my communication to others in a professional

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