My Observation In The Classroom

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In general, how successful was the lesson? What evidence supports your conclusion? (3d, 4a)

1. Describe how you established a classroom of mutual respect (recognized and modeled appropriate behavior, etc.). (2a)

I modeled appropriate behavior throughout the lesson. I model how to play the game: pick a card at random, keep the cards secret, act out the cards, and have students guess adverb/verb by raising their hands. I began the game by modeling all of these behaviors, and then giving students the opportunity to pay once I have modeled the game.

2. What experiences did you provide students to demonstrate pride in their work? (2b)

Students took pride in giving examples of adverbs to display on the anchor chart. In addition, students took
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Students seemed to be engaged in the lesson and excited to participate. In addition, the resources, (the game pieces, and anchor chart) went along flawlessly with the lesson. I do feel that if I were to do the lesson again, I would preform the lesson in two small groups. I would break the class in half so that more children got an opportunity to play/guess.

5. To what extent did your classroom procedures, student conduct, and your use of physical space contribute to student learning? (2c, 2d, 2e)

The physical space contributed to student learning because this was a whole group instruction and we used the whole group instructional area. Due to the physical space, we had to use the large group area, which made the lesson not only an adverb lesson, but also a community lesson because everyone in the class contributed to the learning/lesson.

6. What adjustments to your original plan (if any) did you make during the lesson? Why did you determine those adjustments were necessary? (3d, 3e)

If I were to do this lesson again, I would break the class into two smaller groups and have the students do the lesson with parallel teaching. I believe this adjustment would give students more of an opportunity to contribute, guess, and play with the
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In addition, as mentioned before, I would divide the class in half and teach the lesson in smaller groups. I would also like to extend this lesson, and have students have the option to play the adverb game as a fast finisher.

8. What strategies did you employ to monitor student behavior and to respond to any misbehavior? (2d)

Some strategies I employed to monitor student behavior is group alerting, and calling out students. During this lesson, students were increasingly antsy because it was their ‘indoor recess time’, and were not ready to sit through another lesson, so students were more out of hand then usual. As a teacher who was taking the students’ indoor recess to teach, I let more misbehavior happen because I understood that students needed a break from learning.

9. Explain some challenges with respect to procedures and routines that will have to be altered or changed. (2a, 2d, 4a)

As mentioned before, grammar, and indoor recess were switched to accommodate the observation of this lesson. Students had a hard time adjusting to this change, because they had been preforming work for core subjects all day such as reading, math, and now grammar. Students did receive an extended indoor recess time after

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