Reflection In The Learning Environment

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I have selected to enroll in the Learning Environment as my MOOC concentration. My reason for this selection was to gather further insights and gain new knowledge of resources that assist me to fulfill the goal of instilling in my students a love for learning. After engaging with the three modules and its activities, my reflection on the takeaways is many-fold. The Teacher Expectation Module left a deep impression and transformed my thinking. I knew about the importance of having high expectations for my students but so very often these expectations are influenced by subjective and bias dimensions such as the students’ social economic status, ethnicity, cognitive ability and even gender. Through the readings and reflections of these assignments, I became more sensitive to each child’s needs and potentials by avoiding external elements that can affect my expectations to become distorted and unequal. Teachers’ easily shaped their expectation for students differently based on previous records or labeling of former teachers, past interaction of students with a similar background and cultural upbringing, or even bias stereotype thinking about genders and social status. As a result of the Teacher’s Expectation Module, I am now more conscientious and intentional to form my students’ expectations to be high for each of them by challenging and nudging them to take the risk, test the water, and find the opportunity to go beyond their performance level and ability. As many
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