Reflection In The Movie Tombstone

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Tombstone reflection The movie Tombstone reflect the society of the old west, in term of “wild west” what makes it so wild? lawless was the most obvious characteristic during that period of time. Someplace in the frontier western period were just territory, not fully developed into a state or country yet, lacking of state government, state laws, that’s why people use guns to stand for them self, defend for them self, to maintain certain properties and authorities with their guns, gun can use for variety reason , and sometimes gun might cause some bloody and violent conflict among people.During that “wild brutal’’ period of time, gun seems like a necessity for people to protect himself as a personal belonging. Who…show more content…
When the situation gets into uncontrollable, the policeman in that town has to do something, policeman usually stand for good, tough and right. In this type of situation, the policeman will need gun to do something, whichever self defense or to arrest someone. In the movie the protagonist, Wyatt Earp a good policeman, showed up with the gun in his hand. Warning Curly Bill several times, to drop of the weapon, but the situation just gets into worse and worse, actually lead into a gun fight, finally the situation obliged Wyatt Earp to shoot the bullet into Bill’s forehead, take someone’s life, seems like Wyatt Earp was doing something good for people in the town, if he don’t kill Bill, Bill will keep shooting more people. But when Earp take someone’s life, even he stand for good, he can’t get rid of that guilty feeling, he can’t get rid of the condemn from his mind, he mentally messed himself up, he has never want that feeling again, even he did something good, he still feels himself did something

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