Violence In The Film Tombstone: Wild West

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Tombstone reflection
The movie Tombstone reflect the society of the old west, in term of “wild west” what makes it so wild? lawless was the most obvious characteristic during that period of time. Someplace in the frontier western period were just territory, not fully developed into a state or country yet, lacking of state government, state laws, that’s why people use guns to stand for them self, defend for them self, to maintain certain properties and authorities with their guns, gun can use for variety reason , and sometimes gun might cause some bloody and violent conflict among people.During that “wild brutal’’ period of time, gun seems like a necessity for people to protect himself as a personal belonging. Who
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The people surrendered them spray the flower petal on them to express the blessing on them. But a group of cowboy arrives, triggered their gun, shot people randomly, shot the bullet straight into the bridegroom’s chest. Cowboys stand for what they think is right, they are the symbol of toughness, they represent the spirit of independence, they greatly concerned on their companion, insist to follow their principle ‘’no one bothers me, I go bother no one’’. They are also in terms of ‘’western gangs’’. They come for revenge, the Mexican police killed two cowboys in their group first, cowboy rely on friend, rely on each other, the killing of their friend angered most cowboys, they got to do something back, the revenge and gunshotting in someone’s marriage is like a sharp reply to Mexican police, this action is a sign that cowboy makes, declared that they are not weak and can be bullied. Seems like they did something wrong, they shot people randomly, take people’s life cruelly. But if we stand on their perspective, the Mexican police kill their friend first, maybe the Mexican police shot the cowboys for no reason. As we mentioned before, cowboys concerned about their companions, companions were like family, brother to them and they stand for tough and strong, When someone killed their friend, they feel getting bullied and sad, so revenge is just a mental reaction, they just show their revenge in the excessive way. they did something bad, but also good things for their friend. Good and bad mixed up turn into ‘’grey’’. In the movie this is an example of bad people doing good things for their
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