Reflection: Internalized Moralized Perspective

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detailing the alignment of my behavior and my values. I saw this as a reflection of my actions in where I find integrity as a foundation that I rely in order to convey trust. It important for me to be clear that as much I expect others to the right thing, I put myself through the same criteria and expect the same within myself, my morals guide what I do as a leader (Northouse, 2016). In social work having a strong sense of ethics provides clarity on the compounding issues that can arise in the field. I relate having Internalized Moralized Perspective as doing the right thing even when no one is looking or paying attention and also being fair while acknowledging other perspective without judgment or bias. This should be understood not by leaders and team members in order to create a clear message on ethics (Brown, Trevino, & Harrison, 2005). C. 360 Feedback Strengths I been luckily enough to have a mentor in my field supervisor and preceptor. They’ve provided feedback through the year that has allowed me to identify strengths as well areas to work on. I have utilized supervision to discussed my strengths that take into account my communication skills. The ability to voice my concerns for clients or…show more content…
Being reliable is important to me because it conveys to others that I’m ready to work and easy to be depended on when needed. This is a trait I found in the military. As a war veteran, I have learned the meaning of being dependable and leading from the front. Simply because in the Marines Corps, it can be the difference between life and death. Being reliable has been cemented in my DNA because it puts value in people and their time. Part of it has to do with dealing with people by hoping the reciprocity is shared and they can be dependable for me, just like I strive to be for
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