Social Work Reflection Report

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Student name: Ngai Tsz Chung
Program: SW1000-71: Introduction to Social Work
Social Work Individual Reflection Paper
Lecturer Name: Ms. Catherine Chan


1.) The importance of Debriefing
2.) More Preparation time
3.) Time management
4.) Find the participants
5.) Contingency Plan

1.) From the lecturer
2.) From the classmates

In the 7/10/2016 17:30-19:30, our group did a program called rich or poor in the Jockey Club Cheung Wah Youth S.P.O.T. Our target group is the teenagers from secondary school to associate degree.
Our objective is to hope that, after participating the program, they can concern the society and do more voluntary work in the future.
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It is a chance for us to know deeply of the participants. It is also a way for the participants to review what they did in the programs. In my past experience, I did a lot of voluntary work. In the whole program, I really love the debriefing session which is a chance for me to think about what I can learn in the program. Debriefing has 3F (Facts, Feelings, and Future). This program was the first time for me to act like a real social worker to apply 3F to the participants. There was still some immature part for applying the debriefing skills, so I will keep this experience as the first time to do better in the…show more content…
It is also the anxious part of me. The characteristic of the youth center is that there is no youth to come in the youth center here. We put a great effort to recruit the participants in our own way. Hopefully, we almost recruit 20 participants to join our programs. In this program, it is a good chance for me to know more about the difficulties to recruit the participants in the youth center, as I want to be a good social worker in the youth settings and school settings.

5.) Contingency Plan
In this experience, there were so many immediate crises came up. For example, the participants felt happy and excited and they disturbed the others. At this moment, it reflects my spot reaction. Because my role was an MC, I need to control the situation to let the program became smooth. On the other hand, it was also a crisis that one of our games cannot run in the situation, so I let the participants go to another game with a view to lessening the damage. I think that as a team, we should not choose to blame or shame on anyone, but we need to go ahead to solve the

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