Reflection: Language And Communication

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My best writing piece ever would be the assignment paper for the course TIX1005, Language and Communication, Semester 2, 2016/2017. Even though it is just an academic paper, but I am so proud of it because in this paper, I had put my biggest effort as a student. Basically it was a group project, where each group need to come out with a research topic and based on the topic chosen, we must prepare a proposal for our study. Of course I worked with the other two course mates, but each of us divided the segments first, and it happened that I was chose to do the last part, methodology. This was the most difficult part compared to other two parts because it was quite technical and everything must be clear and precise. Under this section, I had 3.1: participants, 3.2 description of instruments, 3.3 approach to analysis and 3.4 timeline. There are plenty of reasons why I would consider this as one of my best piece of writing as a linguistic student.

First and foremost, I put my biggest effort in it. From the beginning of the class, when my lecture said we will have to do our own research paper, all of us thought this would be the biggest disaster to us. (We are just first year student, what the hell with research paper???) However, it turned out to be vice versa. I spent a lot of time to search for various research paper regarding the topic we could do. In this course, each group in our class could do any six topics that were taught in the course, which were intercultural
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