Reflection: Metr Metro Tech High School

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1. Beginning on August 22nd, I started English 101 with the ambition to finish with an outstanding grade. In full honesty, getting assistance with assignments tends to be one of the main mistakes I repeat. When it comes to starting a task, I don’t seek out for help because I focus on getting it done as quick as possible. The reason for finishing quickly is because I lack time often. Since my schedule includes honors classes, clubs/organizations, and participation in community service my time exists as very limited. When it comes to asking questions I do so, but only when the teacher is available. When assignments need to be turned in, I always turn them in on time. I rarely ever turn in an assignment in late unless I’m not caught up with my nursing homework. I’ve attended all of my classes besides two Saturdays that were excused by Ms. Cunningham.

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Rarely do I ever miss a day at school, due to the fact that I can’t miss a day of my nursing class. If I ever do miss a day of my nursing class, I would need to make up every minute of it. While in class, my behavior is outstanding since I always pay attention and respect all of my teachers. Mostly always I tend to use my time precisely since I have very limited time to complete all of my assignments. Tutoring has to be one of my main priorities because if I don’t understand something I learned that day in class, I can just go to a tutor and get help from
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